Who are we?

The European Humanist Forum 2018 is organized by humanists – individuals, groups and organisations. We are optimists who believe in freedom, social progress, real democracy and nonviolence. We are looking towards a different future, meanwhile we are striving to overcome the current general crisis.

As internationalists, we aspire to a Universal Human Nation. While understanding the world we live in as a single whole, we act in our immediate surroundings. We are not searching for a uniform world but a world of multiplicity: diverse in ethnicity, languages and customs; diverse in local and regional autonomy; diverse in beliefs, whether atheist or religious.

What happens in the forum?

We will create areas of convergence; exchange, discussion and projections of social organizations, political parties, and individuals aware of the need to change this world; opening new avenues towards the future.

We feel the need to unite forces and inspire each other; bringing together and sharing experiences, ideas and intuitive aspects of the diverse activities in the cultural, social, artistic, educational fields etc. both as individuals and associations.

Why now?

In today’s accelerated and changing times our view and interpretation of the world are called into question.

Those in power are provoking a world of conflict and inequality with devastating consequences for humanity. Nevertheless, in this asphyxiating world, a new sensibility is appearing; a call for human life as the central value in society while the environment and other species are protected; that all human beings must have the same opportunities and that no one can be discriminated or left out.

How can these aspirations for a better world be implemented in practice?

No single organisation nor individual can make the necessary changes alone. The world will only change with the common effort of thousands upon thousands of organisations and individuals moving in the same direction of mutual respect, tolerance, freedom and nonviolence; creating the real progress that we so urgently need.

We would like very much for you to enrich the Forum with your participation, ideas and proposals.

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