Friday 11th May

Events on the 11th of May will take place at a venue to be announced shortly in the centre of Madrid.

Saturday 12th May, Sunday 13th May

The venue for our activities will be the El Pozo Cultural Centre in the district of Vallecas which is located outside Madrid city centre.  It is a symbolic neighbourhood and recognised for its grassroots militancy and social stuggle.  Here all the logistics and facilities will be available to develop an event to meet our needs: prepared installations and an auditorium in which we can develop a great forum with workshops, interchanges, video projections, exhibitions and much more.

From the central Puerta de Atocha train station, the travel time is approximately 20 minutes.  Take train C2 or C7 and get off at “El Pozo” station.

From the train station, it is a short 12 minute walk to the cultural centre.