A New Economy for the Universal Human Nation

Ángel Bravo

Achieving a world without nuclear weapons

Tony Robinson

Active nonviolence

Luz Jahnen

Collective works of art

as expressions of a new non-individualistic and selfish sensibility
Simone Casu

Culture and Social Progress

The Prospects for a New Civilization

Julius Valdimarsson

Good Knowledge

Fulvio de Vita

Human Rights

Federico Palumbo

Humanist and nonviolent education

Olivier Turquet

I exist because you exist

Experiences of feeling and interpreting others in a different way

Simone Casu

Images as a tool for change

Nikos Stergiou

Independent journalism and social activism

Pilar Paricio

Interculturality, encounter and dialogue among human beings

José Antonio Díaz

Medicine: Big Pharma, governments and the people

Marianella Kloka

Politics and social mysticism

Rekindling the flame of true politics …

Charles Ruiz

Social and political convergence

Juana Perez

Social Ecology

For the defence of our common home

Marco Inglessis

Social models and lifestyles

Luis Filipe Guerra

Technology for freedom and to improve the condition of humanity

Roberto Innocenti

The change of epoch and the psycho-social background

Lorenzo Lucchesi

The New Spirituality

Aurora Marquina

Women for nonviolence, the strength of femininity

Encarna Escribano