as expressions of a new non-individualistic and selfish sensibility

For over 500 years in the field of the visual arts in Europe there has been an accentuation of the individual at the expense of the whole.  This attitude started with the Renaissance and is clearly revealed in Vasari’s “Lives…”  In idealism and romanticism, the myth of the lone artist, against everyone, suffering and divine, is exalted.  In Modern Art, the artist is elevated to be the main actor over work, consensus and social communication.  The artist in contemporary art increasingly loses centrality if not the façade; power is gradually absorbed by critics, curators, the big museums and auction houses, where even the artist and their works experience the irrational and speculative flux of the market.  Extreme individualism, competition, and abuse are also underlined in arts historically collective: the figure of the musical conductor, the director, the actor and the famous ballerina take all the credit for the collective work of art, receiving more remuneration than all the others.

Likewise, there has been and continues to be, another social, more popular and collective, and underground line that interprets the arts as an expression of the whole for the whole.  Just as in medieval historical and pre-renaissance workshops, artists created and participated in a mutual enrichening in which the interest was placed on the creation of places and moments of beauty, and a profundity in which none of the “actors” ends up as the protagonist.  This chorus, which is expressed when the artist, with their technique and inspiration, is at the service of a collective ideal from where they allow themselves to be crossed and surpassed, has always given rise to higher and nobler art.  Street art, murals, interventions in poor neighbourhoods and collectives that create group art often express certain characteristics of a new sensibility in which the individual is not found at the centre, but rather there is a generalised, depersonalised community.  In fact, the whole changes and improves the individual in a climate of interchange; in the case of the artist who allows themselves to give the best to others through their sensibility and their work.

In this working group we want to undertake and give the light of day to those experiences that expresses “us” in art.

Simone Casu

Desiderio Crea, Alessandro Calizza

Projection of a short documentary on the collective creative of a work of art.

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