The Prospects of a New Civilization

We are now in the historic moment of Human Change, in the moment of the birth of the real human being and this is what motivates this working area.

“Culture and Social Progress” – No matter what we do to change society for the better, as individuals or through political or social action, nothing will really change if the underlying culture contradicts our aims.

We can work from dawn to dusk, all of us Earthlings, to build a better world for all, but if the underlying culture is poisoned with individualism and the misunderstanding that happiness comes from receiving rather than giving and other reigning misconceptions, all our efforts will be of no avail…

We will not be able to build a world without wars and violence, nor without the global warming, inequality or any other of the social and personal catastrophes threatening our existence if the underlying culture – the system of values and beliefs, the way of seeing things in the world – contradicts those dreams.

The idea is to build a new civilization favourable to the progress of human beings.

Julius Valdimarsson

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