Experiences of feeling and interpreting others in a different way

In order to reach the Universal Human Nation, we can’t believe that the rules or laws that protect and promote diversity, freedom and the profundity of existence will lead to a substantial transformation of human beings.  Profound change can only happen when the ways of feeling and perceiving others change.  The golden rule that says “treat others the way you want to be treated” emerges from a visceral rejection of violence.  This cultural, emotional and physical change with respect to the comprehension and acceptance of other human beings starts within us by feeling ourselves as an inextricable part of the Whole, not only by being a part of it, but rather by being a creative and constructive expression of it.

It is a joy to belong, to be a part of and to see that in freedom and the possibility of humanising ourselves in those around us, or by humanising those around us, therein lies our personal destiny.

Simone Casu

Manuela Widmar, Fiorella Orazzo, Sabrina Pepe, Paola Giordana di Nardo, Domenico Orlando.

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