The relationship between Social Models and Lifestyles is intuitive. On one hand, each social model corresponds to a certain dominant lifestyle, and, on the other hand, a given lifestyle aims to become a social model. Throughout history social models and lifestyles were happening consecutively within the framework of different civilizations. And in the same way, today we live according to a social model that has a correlate in the current lifestyle, whose characteristics it is important to identify. However, it can be anticipated that the future will bring new social models with other lifestyles.

In a synthetic way, it can be said that each historical change marks the rejection of the accumulated contradiction and suffering and the advent of a new humanizing attempt. In that sense, there are strong indications that we are in one of those moments of transition, fueled by historical acceleration and globalization. So it is pertinent to ask: what is the social model to which we aspire and what lifestyle corresponds to it? To what extent is it already here, in an embryonic or manifest way, in alternative lifestyles that are brewing within social minorities? How is this future image of the current system distinguished? What factors prevent it being specified? What does it depend on to go forward? How is human and cultural diversity incorporated into this new globalized social model? What is the role of each of us and our organizations in this process of transformation? …

These are issues that we would like to begin to clarify during this forum among all of us, with the interest of being able to configure a guiding image not only for the collective future, but also for our personal daily life.


Luis Filipe Guerra



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