Throughout mankind’s process there have been cycles of great social instability, great injustice and great violence by those who detected power, but at the same time currents of thought were emerging that were going in a direction opposite to that violence and injustice that were stealing human subjectivity and transforming people into objects.

Today we’re in a moment of great social convulsion that affects the whole planet and as happened in other historical moments, it is becoming increasingly palpable that human beings are rebelling against suffering, against pain, against mistreatment. This rebellion can be felt, can be observed in large sectors of the global population which is overflowing with solidarity day by day; helping others who live in inhuman conditions, and demanding equal opportunities for all from the de-facto powers.

The ancient – we dare to say since our species became human – “Golden Rule” is becoming increasingly present in the souls of many people. Today some formulate as “Learn to treat others the way you’d like to be treated.” People are starting to put human life as the central value and they aspire to reconciliation with others and with themselves.

A ray of sunshine is penetrating the hearts of human beings; little by little we’re discovering that others are the same as us, despite external differences, with the same concerns and joy, the same fear: the fear of poverty, loneliness, death. We dare to say that the world is in a profound search, it is turning its eyes inwards and the questions that have accompanied us throughout our human history are being formulated with strength: The meaning of life, death and transcendence.

As humanists inspired by Silo’s Message, we invite every individual and organisation with different forms of spirituality to share their internal experiences, studies and reflections about the elements which we see, in this moment of history, are pointing towards spiritual changes of great depth, such as the changes of fundamental beliefs that orientate human endeavour.

Aurora Marquina and Esther Bass


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