The drift of the economy – from the production of goods and the provision of services towards financial speculation and the concentration of wealth in less and less hands, something growing exponentially thanks to the technology developed in recent decades – makes us see the urgency of  implementing a new economy that meets the needs of all human beings, without distinction, and that ensures the welfare of all people, above the benefit of a few.

In recent times, new economic trends have emerged and some are already being implemented, albeit still at a local level.  The “Economy for the Common Good”, the “Resource-based Economy”, the “Universal and Unconditional Basic Income”, the “FairCoop” and other currents all stress the need for a fairer and more inclusive economy, one that reduces inequalities and puts human beings at the centre.

To our working group at the Humanist Forum 2018, we are inviting representatives of all these trends and asking them to briefly present their proposals, so that we may look for common points and try to converge in a common future action, which will allow us to approach this ideal of redistribution of wealth and collective enjoyment of the benefits of progress, because this is the fruit of the action of many generations throughout history and of all of us.

Ángel Bravo

Humanists for the Universal Basic Income (HUBI)

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