The strength of the feminine

Society has not always been violent.
Women have not always been discriminated against.

The current system was installed thousands of years ago, following a change in events that gave way to a patriarchal society: a society that has made huge progress, but also a violent and discriminatory social system.

To all extents this is a crucial moment in history, and the direction things take will depend on what we manage to build now. As women we have an enormous contribution to make in overcoming discrimination and violence, because we have thousands of years of experience of suffering, but equally we have thousands of years of experience in overcoming suffering, having developed innumerable nonviolent characteristics that allowed us to survive.

Throughout history women have championed anti-discrimination movements (suffragism and abolitionism), denouncing the violence of war (women against World War I, The Hague 1915) and promoting unity and agreement as a means of resolving many armed conflicts (Mali or Liberia). But because women are demeaned and discriminated against, all these actions have been systematically denied to an extent that they never seem to have existed, relegating women to a marginal role.

At this moment in time when millions are being massacred through war and famine, or being left to die in the sea or in deserts, when walls and fences are being erected instead of reaching out to those who are looking to escape, when life is threatened… We need to say ENOUGH!

We need women to get in touch with their virtues and their potential for change, to recognise that they are complete. We need women to develop, to express to the world their most profound models and to contribute their qualities.

We need to awaken the feminine in everyone (men and women) because until now it has been annulled or postponed. For a new nonviolent human being to emerge, it is necessary to find what is complementary to feminine and masculine principles, but this cannot be done if we deny one of the parts.

In this Area we want to exchange ideas and methods on how to join forces, to end such discrimination and violence, how to progress towards reconciliation, to create networks that allow us to make visible the actions that are being implemented and to support each other.

We want to build the future starting today, in order to leave future generations a world in which they can live in freedom and harmony.

Association Mujeres Humanistas por la Noviolencia (Spain)
Centro di Nonviolenza Attiva (Italy)




 AREA coordinator:

Encarna Escribano Martínez, SPAIN

Association ‘Mujeres Humanistas por la Noviolencia’


Annabella Coiro, Italy

Nonviolence communication and eudcation expert.

Silvia Beatriz González González, Spain

Promoter for peace and noviolence.

Jenny Infante Labrín, Spain

Expert in Promotion of Gender Equality. Association Era

Lydienne Nkaleu, Camerún

President of ‘Comité de Asistencia a la Mujer Necesitada’ in Camerún.

Nicole Ndongala, R.D. Congo/Spain

President of the  Association Karibu, Spain.

Sudha Reddy, India

Director of Fundación Ecológica para Alternativas Sostenibles

Carmen Serra Majada, Spain

Co-founfer of Plata­forma de afectados de la Hepatitis C de Valladolid.





  • h.12:15 – 13:45 – room 10.2 

After five presentations that will address the strength of the feminine as a promoter of nonviolence, from different points of view: social, education, ecology, migration and gender, will open an exchange on women’s actions in favor of nonviolence to relate to a network that makes visible these actions and expand their influence.

Is eradicating gender-based violence a state issue?  Awareness and Prevention at an early age JENNY INFANTE LABRÍN, SPAIN, Técnica en Promoción de Igualdad de Género, Asociación Era

Violation of women’s rights in Africa. The drama of the widows
LYDIENNE NKALEU, CAMERÚN, President of del Comité de Asistencia a la Mujer Necesitada de Camerún.

Battered body, peaceful soul
NICOLE NDONGALA, R.D. CONGO/SPAIN, President of Asociación Karibu, España.

Femenine approach: Innovative means to conflict transformation and harmony
SUDHA REDDY, INDIA. Directora de la Fundación Ecológica para Alternativas Sostenibles

The nonviolent response of the man-woman conflict through education.
ANNABELLA COIRO, ITALY. Noviolent communication and education expert, Association Mondo Senza Guerre e Senza Violenza.

Moderating:  ENCARNA ESCRIBANO MARTÍNEZ, SPAIN,  Association de Mujeres Humanistas por la Noviolencia


  • h.16:15 – 17:45 – GIMNASIO ROOM
    Femenine Energy and NonViolence

Leading: CARMEN SERRA and  SILVIA BEATRIZ GONZÁLEZ GONZÁLEZ, ESPAÑA, Cofounders of the Association ‘Mujeres Humanistas por la Noviolencia’

Through an experience we try to awake feminine energy through reconciliation and contact with our Protectress of Life, or with our Inner Goddess, to express ourselves in the world at the service of Life and Nonviolence.
By this register we intend to elaborate the conclusions of the area and start projects for the future.




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