Since the dawn of human history, there have been countless social and mental crises so that this intentional being who inhabits planet Earth could overcome all difficulties and continue in its evolution.

Every moment of crisis has marked an important step, a leap from the childhood of humanity into the unfolding of its future and its possibilities.

Today, all of us are aware that we are experiencing a crisis of enormous magnitude, which involves the entire planetary society for the first time in history.

People are subjected to the tyranny of financial capital, which in fact governs the world by imposing policies on countries that are to its advantage, behind the facade of a democracy now devoid of meaning.

A monstrous economic-financial system makes profit and speculation a priority over human and social rights and it is causing the impoverishment of large sections of the population: new arms are racing to control resources, senseless consumerism and an unprecedented environmental crisis, which is rapidly approaching a point of no return, threatening our existence and robbing the new generations of their future.

In this violent and non-alternative social and value system, fear of the future, depression, internal violence and loss of the meaning of life are advancing in people. Diversity is seen as a threat and intolerance and discrimination are increasing among frightened populations.

All this suffering is the signal that a social system based on beliefs and values that were previously generally shared is no longer tolerable today.

 Like all the great crises of history, this also indicates that the old models and beliefs are now limited and that they no longer respond to the needs of the new humanity and a new planetary civilization; it indicates that a profound change is needed.

Today, in every place on this small planet, in every country, in every hidden corner of human consciousness, there are evolutionary forces working to bring about this change.
Forces that sometimes move to the margins, invisible but active towards liberation and social justice, towards solidarity and nonviolence, towards a real democracy and a bright and comforting future.

The Humanist Forum wants to be the physical meeting place of all those active forces, be their organizations or individuals, engaged in different ways in the construction of new models and new realities in every field.

The necessary changes for the birth of a new and better world can only take place through the convergence of thousands and thousands of different organizations and hundreds of millions of individuals moving in the same direction, creating networks of exchange and collaboration in which each one gives its own contribution of specificity and diversity, in the search of what unites and not what divides.

The European Humanist Forum aims at all those who do not believe in the great lie of the dominant system of power, which is now showing signs of its failure, at those who believe in the realization of a common dream. A dream that sees the communities of the entire planet as a single humanity with a thousand diversities, a thousand cultures, a thousand intentions and a thousand attempts, for the progress of all and for all, towards a Universal Human Nation.


We are at a crossroads in which the beliefs of the past and the images of the futures have collided, with both trying to impose themselves on the other.

In a few decades the world has become planetary, creating unprecedented intercommunication between peoples and cultures, and an inter-penetration of their traditions, beliefs, values, their ways of life and conceptions of the world.

Simultaneously, technological advances are creating an opening towards new horizons and are awakening aspirations that were dormant but are now pushing human beings to want to go beyond what we already know, beyond the allowable limits of space and time.

The repercussions of planetarisation are challenging the way we see and interpret the world. In this irreversible and accelerating current, those who hold the reins of power are trying to deviate planetarisation towards globalisation, in other words, they are trying to impose a uniformity on everything they touch, valuing everything in monetary terms in order to put it all at the service of their own interests, destroying every socio-cultural difference there is and creating a world of conflict, revenge and destruction.

Nevertheless, in this asphyxiating world, a new sensibility is starting to appear strongly; the sensibility of humanity with a heightened vision in which can be seen some signs that are worthwhile investigating and go deeper into, namely; that human life is the central value in society while the environment and other species are protected; that all human beings must have the same opportunities; that no one can be discriminated against; and that everyone has the right to discover their existential dimension and legitimately ask themselves about the meaning of their lives.

But, how can these aspirations become reality? How can we respect and value the lifestyles that others have chosen? How can we respect different cultural expressions? How can we favour the freedom of beliefs and ideas so that they may be freely expressed? How can we endow all human beings with equal rights and opportunities in terms of education, healthcare and quality of life, for example? How can we make sure that scientific and technological progress is always put at the service and for the benefit of humanity? How can we establish a new social methodology based on nonviolence and non-discrimination?

Without doubt, what unites us will help us to answer these questions.

Conscious of the collapse of today’s society and of the new challenges we’re faced with, it would be good to imagine ourselves together, men, women and diverse organisations, helping each other in solidarity to investigate the new models and paradigms that we need and to construct a path that leads us to that new world we aspire to: a Universal Human Nation.

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