The European Humanist Forum is delighted to be showing four documentary films during the course of Saturday 12th May.  The details are as follows:

The World is My Country
Auditorium 10:15 – 11:30
Medical Research: Houston, We have a Problem
Room 10.3 10:15 – 11:45
Balkan Blues – Stories from Mostar
Auditorium 11:40 – 12:25
UBI: Our Right to Live
Auditorium 12:30 – 13:20

The World is My Country

The true story of the daring, controversial, decades-ahead-of-his-time World Citizen #1 Garry Davis.

A song-and-dance man desperate to stop a war, pulls off an act of political theatre so gutsy and eye-opening that it sparks a huge movement—drawing Albert Einstein, Albert Camus and a cast of thousands into a story that Martin Sheen calls “a roadmap to a better future.”

This riveting story of one man’s courage is getting standing ovations in film festivals because it inspires audiences with the key to how we can shift our culture and build a world that can outlaw war. It inspires a new way of looking at the world that empowers us to invent the people-powered governance tools we need to harness humanity’s great creative genius to actually solve the vast problems threatening our future.

This Humanist Forum screening is a special private preview for attendees only as part of our festival of films. The filmmakers are giving us this special opportunity because they want us to all pitch in so they can upgrade their license to the amazing historic footage from “film festivals” to “all rights and clearances”.  To help enable the film-makers to release the film to the general public please click on
the donate button at

Director: Arthur Kanegis
Writers: Garry Davis (story), Arthur Kanegis (co-writer)

Working group: Culture and Social Progress


Medical Research: Houston we have a problem

A documentary which collects a series of interviews with health and research experts and opinion leaders from all over the world, critically debating about the current obsolete model to obtain pharmaceutical drugs and the health consequences for citizens in both developing and developed countries.

Director: Alvaro Toepke
Writer: Alvaro Toepke

Working group: Medicine: Big pharma, governments and the people


Balkan Blues – Stories from Mostar

Mostar Sevdah Reunion is a multicultural world music band set up after the end of the conflict in former Yugoslavia with the aim to promote the “sevdahlinka” music genre and facilitate interethnic reconciliation in the Balkans. The producer and founder Dragi Sestic and the guitar players Miso Petrovic and Sandi Durakovic, emigrated to the Netherlands in mid ‘90s, now miss their hometown Mostar, where they come back every year to record albums or hold concerts. The documentary tries to describe the artistic and social tensions of the town through the voice of the three musicians and other local artists, accompanied by the typical Balkan flavour of the music, which represents, thanks to its universal language, an instrument to promote tolerance and social harmony.

Director: Lucio De Candia
Writer: Lucio De Candia

Working group: Images as a tool for change


UBI: Our Right to Live

A documentary about the right of all human beings to subsist by the mere fact of being born. The Universal Basic Income is an idea already with history, but that has spread spectacularly in recent years, especially due to the fact that technology threatens to leave most of the population without employment to cover their needs. The documentary is composed mainly of interviews not only with founders, who have been working on this idea for more than thirty years, but also with academics and activists, who tell us about their activities and experiences around the world.

Director: Álvaro Orus
Writer: Álvaro Orus

Working group: A New Economy for the Universal Human Nation