Three excellent photographers are also kindly bringing their work to the European Humanist Forum 2018.

Antonio Sempere, Spain

“The Serbian Hell.” Collection of informative photographs and press reports on the living conditions of refugees trapped on Serbia’s borders with the European Union and “At the foot of the fence” about the long journey awaiting migrants who decide to travel to the “promised land” that Europe represents.

The Gea Collective, Germany

  “Women for Peace and Active Nonviolence”

Photography that highlights, recreates and transmits to the public the diverse and varied forms in which peace and active nonviolence are expressed, this time portrayed in contemporary women.

Energy for Human Rights

  The exhibition is the result of the first two years of the photo contest HUMAN. The aim is to promote our activities and the ideals of the Humanist Movement.  The themes of the two editions we will exhibit during the Forum are HUMAN 2016 – The Universal Human Nation and HUMAN 2017 – Untold Stories.