The following organisations are promoting the forum:

International organisations and networks

Active Nonviolence International Film Festival

Alpha Observatory

The Community for Human Development

The Community for Human Development, Italy

Convergence of Cultures

Convergence of Cultures, Madrid, Spain
Convergence of Cultures, Turin, Italy

COPEHU, The Universalist Humanist Pedagogical Current

COPEHU, Madrid, Spain

Energia per i Diritti Umani Onlus

Rome, Italy

Fundación FIBGAR

International Humanist Party

International Humanist Party, Belgium
International Humanist Party, France
International Humanist Party, Iceland
International Humanist Party, Italy
International Humanist Party, Spain

Poesía contra las Armas

Pressenza International Press Agency

Silo’s Message

Naples, Italy

World Centre of Humanist Studies

Centre of Humanist Studies, Ti con zero de Toscana, Italy
Centre of Humanist Studies, Salvatore Puledda, Rome, Italy
Centre of Humanist Studies, Noesis, Spain
Centre of Humanist Studies “Ações Exemplares”, Portugal

World without Wars and Violence

World without Wars and Violence, Czech Republic
World without Wars and Violence, Greece
World without Wars and Violence, Milan, Italy

National and local organisations


Association of Humanist Women for Nonviolence

Madrid, Spain

Desiderio Crea

Attigliano, Italy

Editorial Multimage

Florence, Italy

Humanists for a Universal Basic Income

Madrid, Spain

Le Meilleur de Soi

Toulouse, France

Neue Debatte

Journalism and science from below
Berlin, Germany