Alex Ross: Don’t be afraid, believe in your inner voice and try

Alex Ross dedicates herself to writing and creative painting. She writes about the little beauties and the great evil of everyday life. She collaborates with the electronic magazine Neue Debatte and participated in the European Humanist Forum, recently held in Madrid, as a speaker in the “Independent Journalism and Social Activism” round table.

EHF2018: What is the role of independent media? (more…)

Alex Ross: We can tell a different story of human beings

The European Humanist Forum in Madrid is approaching, and we would like to introduce further speakers beforehand in an interview.

Alex Ross emigrated from the Swabian-Bavarian mountains to the Lüneburger Heide. After graduating from high school, she moved to Hamburg to learn a trade. Alex dedicates herself as an author to writing and as an artist of creative painting.

Alex, you volunteer for the online magazine Neue Debatte (new debate). How did this come about and why for Neue Debatte? (more…)