Nicole Ndongala: We’re all human; that’s what unites us

Nicole Ndongala, migrant to Spain, native of the Democratic Republic of Congo, participated in the European Humanist Forum, Madrid, in her role as the director of the Karibu Association.  Nicole participated in the opening session and in the working area on Women for Nonviolence.

In her intervention, she underlined the importance of considering immigrants, not as a statistics, but rather as human beings with a history and frequently difficult and tragic lives.  And this is “what unites us”, according to Nicole: to give value to humanity, something she returns to in this interview. (more…)

Opening day of the European Humanist Forum

Over 500 people came to the opening session of EHF2018, with people overflowing into three extra rooms after having filled the auditorium at the UNED Faculty of Education Sciences.

The atmosphere was joyful in this latest gathering of the European Humanist Forum, the last one being in Milan in 2008.

On the 11th of May, the opening session of the 5th European Humanist Forum took place.  It was held in the UNED Faculty of Education Sciences in the presence of people and organisations from 40 countries, mostly Europeans, but also Asians, Africans and Americans. (more…)