The European Humanist Forum 2020 “What unites us – Towards the Universal Human Nation” is organized by individuals, groups and organizations that share the ideals of the New Humanism and by all those who adhere to the analysis and proposals contained in the Manifesto of the Forum.

The New Humanism aspires to change the current power scheme, with the aim of transforming a social structure towards a closed system in which violence in all its forms predominates.
It is a Humanism that wants to contribute to the improvement of life and to face discrimination, fanaticism, exploitation and violence. A universalist Humanism, pluralist and convergent, in a globalized world that shows the symptoms of the clash between cultures, ethnic groups and regions; a Humanism capable of producing the recomposition of social forces, in a world in which countries, institutions and human relations are deconstructed; and, in a society in which the meaning and direction of life have been lost, a Humanism suitable for creating a new atmosphere of reflection, in which the personal to the social, the social to the personal, are not irreducibly opposed.

What will happen in the Forum?

It will create a space for convergence, exchange and confrontation between social and political organizations, activists and individuals, aware of the urgency and necessity of a profound change in the world in which we live.
No organization or person can achieve the necessary changes alone. This will only happen thanks to the common effort of thousands and thousands of organizations and individuals moving in the same direction, towards liberation and social justice, towards solidarity and nonviolence, towards a real democracy and a bright future, committing themselves to building new models and new realities in every field.