A Humanist Forum is an open forum originally put in motion by people participating in the Humanist Movement in which organizations and individuals participate to exchange contributions and experiences based on their interests, generally formalized in the following areas:

  • health care
  • education
  • human rights
  • anti-discrimination
  • ethnicities and cultures
  • science and technology
  • the environment
  • art and popular expression
  • religiosity
  • grassroots groups of the social base
  • political parties
  • alternative movements
  • alternative economics

Convened by The Community for Human Development, the first Humanist Forum took place in Moscow on October 7-8, 1993, the second in Mexico City on January 7-9, 1994, and the third in Santiago, Chile on January 7-8, 1995.  Since then numerous national and regional forums have taken place with a similar format.

In Europe we have celebrated regional forums in

  • Budapest 2004
  • Lisbon 2006, and
  • Milan 2008

In 2018, the European Humanist Forum will be an opportunity for movements, organisations, action fronts and politicial parties along with individuals from across the continent and beyond to converge in a shared interest to find what unites us, as we strive to find the way forwards towards an open future.