Control by governments and corporations of the mainstream media together and the content they produce is increasingly present.  Thus, private media are in the hands of banks and big corporations, while public media organisations are manipulated by governments.

Moreover, fewer and fewer media moguls control the traditional information networks, which translates into the standardization of discourse and the elimination of critical thinking.  A diverse, just and caring society must have a plurality of media: public, commercial, community… that reflect the ideological, political and cultural disparity of the community; media managed with economic independence and ideological freedom.

Faced with this situation, it is urgent to establish contacts and find ways of mutual support among those who deal with independent information and those at the forefront of social transformation. It is necessary and urgent to carry out this task from the social base, where change is already manifesting.

The proposal of nonviolent and independent journalism, which gives voice to social movements and disseminates concrete experiences of social activism, represents an opportunity for the construction of a new sensitivity, new values and a new way of acting together.


Pilar Paricio

Olivier Turquet, Raquel Paricio



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