The strength of the feminine

Society has not always been violent.
Women have not always been discriminated against.

The current system was installed thousands of years ago, after a change of stage that gave way to patriarchal society: a society that has produced great advances, but also the social establishment of violence and discrimination.

In these moments when it seems that we are facing a great change of stage -which will develop from what we are building now- women can make a great contribution with respect to overcoming discrimination and violence: because we have experience of millennia in suffering them and experience of millennia in overcoming them, having developed innumerable nonviolent characteristics that have allowed us to survive.
Women have been promoting anti-discrimination movements throughout history (suffragism and abolitionism), denouncing the violence of wars (women against World War I, The Hague 1915) and promoting unity and agreement as a means of resolving many armed conflicts (Mali or Liberia). Since the feminine is degraded and invisible, all these actions have been systematically denied in such a way that it seems as if they never existed, relegating women to a marginal role.

At this time when millions of people are being massacred in wars and famines, when millions of people are being left to die in the sea or in the desert, when walls and fences are being erected instead of reaching out to those who are looking for a way out, when life is threatened… We need to say BASTA!

We need women to come into contact with their virtues and their potential for change, to be recognized as complete, to develop, to express in the world their deep models and to contribute their complementary qualities.

We need to awaken the feminine in all (men and women) because until now it has been annulled or postponed. For the emergence of the new nonviolent human being it is necessary to complement the feminine and the masculine, but this cannot be produced if we deny one of the parts.

In this Area we want to exchange information on how to join forces to end such discrimination and violence, how to complement and produce reconciliation, how to create networks that allow us to make visible the actions that are being implemented and support each other.

We want to build the future from today onwards in order to leave future generations a world in which they can live in freedom and harmony.

Asociación Mujeres Humanistas por la No-Violencia (España)
Centro di Nonviolenza Attiva (italia)

Participants: (working progress)
Encarna Escribano – Asociación Mujeres Humanistas por la No-Violencia (España)
Annabella Coiro – Centro di Nonviolenza Attiva (Italia)
Jenny Infante Labrín  – Asociación Era Convergencias de las Culturas y Mujeres Humanistas para la Noviolencia.

Programme: under construction.  A working team open to collaboration by all is preparing the programme on the basis of proposals for panels, workshops, interchanges.  Join us!  Fill in the form below.

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Encarna Escribano