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15,000 nuclear weapons remain in existence in 2018 despite the 1970 commitment by UN member States to disarm.  With 100 nuclear weapons exploding on cities, a nuclear winter can be created that is capable of killing up to 2 billion human beings, saying goodbye to human civilisation as we know it in the process.  With 1000 nuclear weapons we can say goodbye to the human species.

However, in 2017, a milestone was reached with the creation of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons: the first new global nuclear treaty to come into existence for 20 years.  ICAN won the Nobel Peace prize for their contribution to this treaty.  Disarmament groups are reinvigorated and are making new efforts in many directions to advance towards a world without nuclear weapons.  Yet what are the obstacles to nuclear disarmament?  What are the challenges the disarmament movement faces?  What can social movements do to push governments to take even more steps?  And what are the nuclear related issues that can help us reach out to other movements?

In this working group we will try to answer some of these questions and bring together organisations from different fields to show the benefits that can be obtained from uniting our forces together.

Contact: Silvio Bruschi

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