Civil society demands a firm condemnation of human rights violations in Latin America. The recent upheavals in Latin America (Chile, Bolivia and Ecuador) are accompanied by serious violations of Human Rights: torture, persecution, repression and death at the hands of the armed forces. Italian and European institutions cannot remain indifferent to this escalation of government and armed forces violence.

First part of the exhibition with several speakers (about 10) divided into two sessions: one part giving voice to representatives or activists from different countries, a second session giving voice to jurists and/or activists who can highlight positive experiences of reports of violations, protocols and operational methods for the protection of activists.

In the Second part a more restricted working meeting, where to establish coordination modalities at European level for the denunciation of violations (to the press, organizations, institutions) and to establish a protocol for the protection of activists who were in danger. This second part can be exclusive as Humanist coordination or involve other organizations and aims to write a vademecum or manual. automatic translation

Contact: Federico Palumbo 

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