“The hero of our times flies towards the stars and, without knowing it, is pushed towards his inner and luminous center” (Silo).

We are in a historical moment in which human society is urgently called to greater awareness and intentionality to guarantee and guide future steps. Wherever we look, wherever we listen, we perceive the absurdity of a society full of contradictions. But how can consciousness respond to this need? What will be the spark of change?

What, if any, is the role of science and technology in this evolutionary leap in consciousness?

We believe that this leap is necessarily connected to a rediscovered Sense in human consciousness, or otherwise said, to the awakening of a profound spirituality in the human being who will guide science and technology in the direction of overcoming pain and suffering, but we believe also that Science and Technology can play an important role today in rediscovering the Sense (meaning and direction) and in recreating the connection between human consciousness and the evolutionary direction of all that exists.

Science and Technology play central roles in the characterization of current societies, assuming an essential role in the definition of old and new paradigms, of belief systems, in rediscovering the Meaning, if pushed as originally by the search to find the connection between human consciousness and the evolutionary direction of all that exists.

In the European Humanist Forum 2018 we saw how in these fields we are finally emerging from the mental precincts of mechanism that have dominated for 4 centuries in the Enlightenment-Positivistic-Materialist cultural context to give space to the concepts of “emergency”, of systemic mink and complexity, which applied to the human being means abandoning the vision of the man-machine and of consciousness as a simple epiphenomenon of brain activity to start seeing and seeing oneself in one’s multidimensionality: psycho-physical, social, temporal and spiritual.

The current situation puts us in a condition of necessity, the most propitious condition for human consciousness to take a step forward in an evolutionary direction for the well-being of all (or not for anyone).

  • The environmental crisis, a threatening  alarm clock: there is no more time, there is an urgent need to take care of Life … and who knows, after the animal rights conscience and the present ecological conscience, a humanist conscience will come?
  • Robotics, virtual reality: to play god, you need to know god in yourself … the creation of robots and characters increasingly ambitious in reproducing human behavior poses important questions on the functioning of consciousness…which factors in favor of the evolutionary leap and what warnings to follow?
  • Communication-transport: the co-presence of the first planetary civilization
  • Ethics in science and technology, where to risk discovering the Human being of the future, where to stop, how to understand, how to decide?

Spirituality in Science: new interpretations, new paradigms, new worlds always and inevitably emerge from a field of possibilities, from already consolidated knowledge, experiences and beliefs and these necessarily rest on a cultural, epochal, spiritual context.

We will try to give some answers to these questions trying to understand how to recognize and direct the intentionality behind the gaze with which we build the world is the basis for a Science and Technology at the service of evolution and well-being and at the same time the the basis of a spirituality that has always nourished the best aspirations of human beings.

Contact: Federica Fratini

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