There will be no peace without social justice, and there will be no social justice without a fair redistribution of the planet’s wealth.

The state of the environment has been deteriorating for decades. The environmental crisis has now a global dimension and already in the 70s it began to manifest itself in all its fullness leading to a climate change that is accelerating multiple processes, including social ones.

There is an inseparable knot between wars-hoarding of energy resources (in particular the oil on which the entire world economy depends) and natural (forests, fertile lands, drinking water, seas). What is happening in Iran-Iraq, Turkey-Syria, Kurdistan, Afghanistan, Congo, Sudan, Brazil, Bolivia are just some of the most evident manifestations of interests by a small group of power led by the USA, Russia, China in the control of the resources of the Planet.

The same migratory flows, epochal exoduses (from the Middle East and Africa, to Europe and from South-Central America to North America) are the consequence of the wars underway and this violent race to hoard resources , and one of the most evident examples of disparity in the redistribution of wealth (10% of the world population owns more than 80% of resources, while there is more than half of the population living below the minimum poverty levels, beyond the ‘12% dying of hunger and thirst).

We are witnessing serious technological imbalances: we have arrived on Mars, but we cannot replace the combustion engine of our cars. In many metropolitan areas of the world, air pollution is one of the main causes of death. We invest in increasingly sophisticated armaments, but we cannot satisfy the most basic needs of most populations. Despite the enormous technological progress that has taken place over the past two hundred years, the planet is now in a borderline condition. Technological progress has allowed a more comfortable existence, making many diseases go back and lengthening life expectancy (all this, however, only for a minority of the planet’s population), but at the same time it has plundered the planet’s resources, destroyed the environment natural and filled our environment with hazardous waste and slag.

The tendency of the human being to transform the surrounding environment in his favor has been reversed, endangering his own survival, under the pressure of groups restricted to power who act according to primitive reflexes, considering their interests opposite to those of others .

Violence against nature and against human beings is at the basis of this imbalance, which is expressed in exploitation, discrimination and authoritarianism.

For this reason we believe that ecology and social justice are two closely related themes that can be summarized in the denomination of Social Ecology.

We must give life to a “Principle of Responsibility” towards all living beings, towards future generations and towards all the species that coexist on the Planet. We question the wild economic development, hoping for the birth of a truly human and sustainable society.

Contact: Marco Inglessis 

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